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The Wealth management of your investments ensures you have the right amount of money in the right place at the right time of your life. It takes into account risks, external factors and your wants and expectations.


"Life is a dream for the wise, a game for the fool, a comedy for the rich, a tragedy for the poor."

Sholom Aleichem


Investment timescales

There are a number of very good investment plans (or products) but they must be chosen to fit in to the timeframe of their expected performance and planning.


Short term – one to four years
Medium term – five to ten years
Long term – ten years or more

At Vita Planning, we say it is vital to have set aside short-term savings that can be easily accessed to meet emergencies. Investment objectives, timescale and attitude to risk are personal, and changes the closer we get to retirement.


Your investment profile

Because of changing circumstances and experiences in life your attitude to risk will alter as you earn more, experience more and take on more responsibility. We use a straightforward questionnaire that establishes how much emotional tolerance to risk you are comfortable taking. It is also part of our ongoing investment performance review with you – always giving you choice, control and flexibility of your financial planning.

A modeling tool, into which your responses are fed, presents us with a risk profile: 1 is risk-averse, 10 is risk-taking. The higher the risk profile, the more willing you are to accept short-term investment value fluctuations – in return for long-term higher returns expectations. It is also important to understand your capacity for loss as an investment client, these are all areas we examine and support you in understanding.

We talk through the profile, and agree the risk level you are comfortable with, in order to achieve your goals. We use these answers to either build a specific portfolio or match you to existing solutions. Everyone is unique.

We work with you to explore the most tax-efficient route and investment type suitable for you.

For our bigger clients, we look to use the experience and knowledge of specialist wealth management companies to research and construct a range of bespoke portfolios to match your profile, which we manage with you by regularly monitoring your investments' performance.


Using Technology within Investment

Today, most people have little control over their financial affairs. This lack of control is due primarily to the way in which the markets work. Many clients hold, pensions with various companies or previous employers, ISAs elsewhere, and sometimes shares and deposit funds in other areas. This is often accumulated from different employers or stages of life.


Whilst this can diversify the investments across products it does complicate and compound the risk factors due to the fragmented position. Although it may utilise the tax aspects of some products, there is often limited focus on the investment returns generated and the spread of financial risk or the direction that it is focused in.


Administration is often confusing and unclear with complex valuation information produced by different companies, service standards, administration processes and you can end up paying many different sets of administration charges and costs which are often unclear.


We are fans of using WRAP accounts, which allow you to hold and manage all investments in a single place, with a single set of transparent charges and full control over invested funds. A Wrap allows you to gain more control of your financial affairs, with the investment tracked on a daily basis via the internet.


To monitor clients' investment performances against their goals, where possible we use technology giving us both quicker, easier access to information for faster decision making. The added value is that it reduces costs, provides more choices and increases transparency.


Using a WRAP is an online tool giving clients and us access to different investment companies and structures from one location, often at a discounted price, reducing administration and time delays. We manage a range of investment strategies - which can include stocks and shares, ISAs, Exchange traded funds (ETFs), structured products etc - that give clients a full overview, quickly, and easily.


The value of your investments can go down as well as up and you may get back less than you invested.


We do not advise on direct equity i.e. stocks and shares and we do not act as a discretionary investment manager.


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